NATE K-Chrome - Lightroom Presets

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This pack of Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw Presets will give your photos a bold, dramatic look that's similar to the famous analog slide films.

Custom Camera Calibrations for NATE Cam

This pack includes custom camera calibrations for over 500 models of digital cameras. (Full list here). These calibrations are part of the secret to producing consistently stunning results, no matter what digital camera you are using.

6 All New Stunning Preset Styles

  • K1 - Provia: Bold contrast, rich shadows, and a cool color palette that favors rich greens. Perfect for bold city snapshots.
  • K2 - Expired Kodachrome: Gorgeous warm, glowing tone that's really reminiscent of expired Kodachrome. Beautiful lush greens, golden yellows and cool aqua blues.
  • K3 - Late Summer: A rich, bold look, with a strong tendency towards yellow and orange. Perfect for arid, summer landscapes, or rich fall foliage.
  • K4 - Expired EG-100: A vintage look with a rich magenta tint in the shadows and glowing yellow tint in the highlights - amazing for outdoor portraits.
  • K5 - Kodachrome Pro: Incredible depth and detail, with bold colors and slightly red undertones. Meticulously modeled after the masters of Kodachrome film.
  • K6 - Velvia 50: A saturated look with balanced contrast and accurate color renditions. 

Better Tools for Fine-Tuning Your Look

Each preset in this pack comes with 5 Different Strength variations

  • Regular: 100% strength
  • [–] 75% strength
  • [– –] 50% strength
  • [– – –] 25% strength
  • [+] 125% strength

You can also use the all new NATE Film Toolset to make further adjustments on your image beyond the initial preset. They're made to work particularly well with the way I've designed the presets.

The NATE Cam Film Toolkit includes:

Film Dynamics // + // ++ // +++

Softens the dynamic range of your images in a film-like way.

Film Fade // 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // 08 // 09 // 10

Adds predictable fade levels that compliment (rather than overwrite) the underlying tones of each preset.

Film Punch // + // ++ // +++

Adds intensity to your photos by carefully pulling down the blacks and shadow tones without effecting skin tones.

Film Saturation // - // + // ++ // +++

Increase saturation levels just in the shadows and highlight areas of an image

Film Grain [megapixels] // 200 // 400 // 800 // 1600

Adds perfect film grain calibrated better to the resolution of your photo

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You'll Get:

Lightroom Presets
K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6
ACR Presets
K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6
The NATE Cam Camera Calibration Profiles
Film Toolkit
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NATE K-Chrome - Lightroom Presets

0 ratings
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