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NATE Cam - Starter Pack PRO

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NATE Cam - Starter Pack PRO

Nate Photographic
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Unlock the full potential of your photos with this all-new, professional-grade preset pack. 

Based on the film styles you love from the NATE Cam Starter Pack, this professional version will bring you a new level of control over the aesthetics of your photos. 

What's different about the pro pack?

  • Custom Camera Calibration Profiles - The Pro pack unlocks the full potential of your RAW files with my proprietary "NATE Cam Profiles", custom built for over 500 camera models. The result: a level of consistency and accuracy that simply wasn't possible before. 
  • Intensity Control - Dial in just the right intensity for each preset, with 4 levels of strength available for each preset. So you can dial up or dial down the effect to get the perfect result.
  • All-New Variations - Each preset now includes two new variations. The "film" variation makes subtle adjustments to add a film-like effect to the underlying preset. The "unfaded" variation removes any fade from the preset while keeping the underlying characteristics of the style. Don't want to crush the shadows or highlights in your photos? No problem.
  • Easier to Adjust & Customize - With the Pro version, it's even easier to "tweak" the presets to your liking. Each curve has been rebuilt with focus on making it easier for you to adjust.
  • Includes the NATE Cam Film Toolkit - as an added bonus, the pro pack also includes my Film Toolkit, which was designed to work hand-in-hand with this pack, making it faster than ever to develop your own incredible photos looks.

What's Inside: 

  • 10 Preset Styles for Lightroom & ACR
  • 4 Intensity Levels for Each Preset
  • 2 New Variations for Each Preset
  • 500+ Custom Camera Profiles
  • The Nate Cam Film Toolkit
  • Mac 1-Click Installer + Windows Instructions

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