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Negative Lab Pro v3.0 Upgrade (pre-release)

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Negative Lab Pro v3.0 Upgrade (pre-release)

Nate Photographic
28 ratings

IMPORTANT NOTE: V3 is not yet released. I expect it be available January 2023. You must have an existing Negative Lab Pro v2 license in order to qualify for the discount upgrade price.

V3: The Next Level of Film Processing

The past four years of working on Negative Lab Pro has generated a lot of breakthroughs and improvements in film processing. And I'm thrilled to take this to the next level with v3!

At the core of v3 are two new features:

1. Roll Analysis
In v3.0, I'm introducing Roll Analysis. By using the context of other frames in a roll, NLP v3.0 can produce significantly better initial conversions in all kinds of scenes and lighting conditions.

The result is truer, better colors right off the bat, with less fuss and editing required.

Not only will this make future conversions better, but because Negative Lab Pro works non-destructively on your RAW files, this also means your previous conversions are about to get better, too!

Just re-open Negative Lab Pro on a previous conversion, and change the "analysis" setting from "This image only" to one of the roll analysis options!

2. Preset Management
In v3.0, you'll be able to save, load & edit as many preset settings as you'd like! You'll also be able to set different default presets for color vs b+w conversions.

This has been a HUGE request since day 1 of Negative Lab Pro, so I'm excited to see how you all use it in your film workflows!

And more...
Just like with previous major releases, I already have some "minor" 3.x releases roadmapped. I don't want to give away too many details, but I know you all will love them!

Thanks for your support! I really appreciate this community for giving me the opportunity to do what I'm passionate about!


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Upgrade from v2.x to v3 of Negative Lab Pro


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