OPAL - Opacity Slider for Lightroom Presets

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Meet Opal - the crazy good Opacity Slider for all your Lightroom Presets.


Want to "tone down" an effect in Lightroom to get more subtle results? Or ever wish you could make a preset stronger?

Now you can do all of that instantly in Lightroom.

With Opal, you can control the Opacity of any Lightroom Preset or setting. So it's easy to get just the right strength on any of your Lightroom Presets – whether you use VSCO, NATE, Mastin Labs, or any other preset pack.


Instant Opacity Control inside Lightroom

Call up the Opacity Slider at any time in Lightroom by hitting the UP ARROW (↑) on your keyboard. You can then make the current effects on your image more subtle or more intense. No need to leave Lightroom or waste time manually adjusting settings.

Smarter interpolation = Better Results

Not only does Opal automatically adjust your settings in real time to control "opacity," it does this using smart interpolation. This is how it produces more pleasing images (especially noticeable when increasing the intensity of settings).

Brilliant Shortcuts = Faster Workflow

The Opal installer automatically sets up an "Opal Hotkey" for you. You can call up Opal in a jiffy by hitting the UP ARROW (↑) on your keyboard. And there's a bunch of other nifty shortcuts that make development a snap with Opal.

Built to work with YOUR Lightroom Presets

Opal has been specifically engineer to work with more Lightroom Presets, including presets that have custom camera calibration profiles (like VSCO or NATE presets).

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Supported Lightroom Versions
Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC (2015), Lightroom Classic
Supported Operating Systems
Mac or Windows
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OPAL - Opacity Slider for Lightroom Presets

80 ratings
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